Integrity Advisory has partnered with 55ip to provide best in class service to our clients.  55ip is a state-of-the-art technology company with institutional level trading capabilities.  We are excited for this partnership, and the value it will bring to you.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is managing my account?

     Integrity Advisory is still managing your account at TD Ameritrade, but we're directing 55ip to place the trades.  Your investment strategy will not change, and any trades are made at our discretion.


2. Why is Integrity Advisory working with 55ip?

    Great question!  We are working with 55ip, because it gives us access to an institutional resource that can create efficiencies in our trading process and provide us with better business continuity.  55ip will provide you with better execution on trades, and tax loss harvesting on taxable accounts.


3. What is the benefit of 55ip on a taxable account?

     55ip provides the greatest value in a taxable account, because their technology offers monthly tax-loss harvesting. We currently provide tax-loss harvesting, but on a semi-annual to annual basis. 55ip has shown the ability to add significant value to taxable accounts, and we look forward to our clients benefiting from this institutional level service. To learn more about the benefit of tax-loss harvesting please click here.


4. What does this cost me?

     Nothing!  55ip is providing efficiencies and value to our clients so this relationship is between Integrity Advisory and 55ip.  Our clients will not have an increase in fees as a result of this added service.


Additional questions?  Please don't hesitate to call us at 913-897-2074.