The Change of Seasons

By Tony Moeller, CPA

As summer winds down, the weather starts to get milder. However, just the opposite seems to be occurring in the stock and bond markets as we’ve seen increased volatility. For example, the three major U.S. stock indexes (Dow Jones Industrials, S&P 500 and NASDAQ) were up a combined average of 1.68% for the last week, which helped make up for the dismal returns in July and August when indexes had a combined average return of –1.50%.

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March Madness? Depends on What You're Talking About

By Christian Stromgren

So far, March has lived up to the old adage “in like a lion, out like a lamb.”  Between large amounts of snow and ice, the continuing growth of the stock market, the first tax season under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and the crowning of different Big 12 champions for the first time since 2004, the last month of winter has been nothing short of memorable.

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