What does the term “Financial Advisor” mean at our firm?

Lots of firms label themselves as a “financial advisors.” However, at Integrity Advisory, LLC, we believe that a financial advisor is much more than a simple label. It means a commitment to providing practical, well-conceived and thoroughly researched financial planning solutions, coupled with discretionary investment management services consistent with your desired goals and objectives. It also means we need to provide added value to you in several areas, including:

  • Identifying your personal life goals;
  • Determining your financial planning needs including, but not limited to, estate, retirement and education planning, as well as determination of insurance requirements and investment needs;
  • Projecting monetary requirements to achieve identified goals;
  • Analyzing assets to assist you with attaining your monetary requirements;
  • Selecting asset allocation strategies which best match the combined requirements of identified goals, available assets, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and tax situation; and
  • Structuring and executing an investment plan to help achieve your identified goals, while minimizing taxes on both income and capital gains.

What are the advantages of hiring Integrity Advisory, LLC?

Simply put: You have a financial mountain to climb; our job is to make it easier for you. More importantly, once you reach that peak, we’ll help you stay there to enjoy the view.

Folks often find themselves questioning whether they are on the right path to retirement, and those questions typically start with their investment allocation.  We view it as our responsibility to educate you on how we make investment decisions.  These decisions start by looking at risk-adjusted returns.  If you need 5% per year to fund all of your retirement goals, then we will not design a portfolio with enough risk to achieve 10% per year.  In addition, every investment we use is frequently analyzed to ensure it is delivering the expected return for the amount of risk it takes.

Who can benefit most from the services at Integrity Advisory, LLC?

We serve a diverse clientele, including individuals, families, physicians, business owners and institutions. Specific examples of Integrity Advisory, LLC clients include:

  • Successful business owners and professionals too busy to effectively manage their financial and investment lives on a day-to-day basis;
  • Qualified Investors looking for access to hedge funds and other alternative strategies;
  • Individuals nearing retirement age who will depend upon the prudent capital and asset management to provide them with their desired lifestyle in retirement;
  • Business owners concerned about the cost and liabilities associated with their 401(k);
  • High income earners looking for advanced tax planning techniques; and


High income earners in the early phases of their career who seek long-term accumulation of wealth.

Why would I use Integrity Advisory, LLC versus a large national firm for my investment management?

We are an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisory firm. What this means is that we always put your interests first because we are not bound by quotas or forced to sell specific branded investments. As a result, we possess the flexibility to invest in a variety of investment options including multiple fund families, some of which are closed or institutional funds unavailable to the average individual without incurring additional sales charges. We go beyond money management and assist you with crafting every facet of your financial strategy, such as working with your CPA on tax strategies, consulting your estate attorney regarding financial legacy, or cooperating with business valuation experts to develop viable exit plans from your business.

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