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Special Letter from
Tony Moeller, CPA

President & Founder of Integrity Advisory, LLC

My passion for intelligent financial planning and prudent investing dates back to my youth. As the oldest son of four children, my parents instilled the value of hard work in me very early.

My appreciation for smart saving actually goes back another generation, to my grandmother, who planned and saved well enough to live comfortably after retirement for more than 30 years. She lived on social security payments, a small pension and a small investment account. Her frugal lifestyle and living within her means, allowed her to leave an inheritance for all of her children. In my own home, my wife and I try to emulate these same values and emphasize similar priorities.

While earning a degree in accounting from Rockhurst University, I worked as an intern at Touche Ross (now Deloitte Touche) doing individual, partnership and corporate taxes. Post-graduation I joined the audit department of Arthur Young (now Ernst & Young) while working towards obtaining my CPA designation.

As my career continued to evolve, I shifted my focus to retirement planning and investing. On Monday, October 19, 1987 (Black Monday) I started my first money management position with a small local firm. A rough start is inevitable when the Dow drops 22% on your first day of work! Despite this hurdle I persevered and ended up working with that firm for more than 17 years. Even with this success, I always desired to start my own firm. That dream was realized when I founded Integrity Investment Advisors, LLC in March of 2005, The firm was subsequently renamed Integrity Advisory eight years later in order to better portray the role we play in clients’ lives. Even after 27 years in the industry, it still gives me immense pride when clients tell me they remain loyal because my style of financial advising is direct and honest.

My motto has always been to tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

I’ve witnessed many changes in the markets, financial products and regulations during the course of my career. However, two things remain constant. First, my clients deserve honest, objective advice tailored to their specific financial planning needs. Second, my clients’ issues and investment concerns are rarely just about the money — financial planning is about living your life.

I’ve helped clients build and shape their lives for many years, working to ensure that their monetary and financial goals run parallel to their life goals to set them on the path to their unique vision for success. By making a conscious effort to identify the path they wish to take, I make deliberate decisions focused on creating the financial security my clients seek.

Long term financial success is about identifying and overcoming obstacles while mitigating risk to achieve a specific goal—very similar to climbing a mountain. No journey is ever straight forward, and I am eager to guide you through the twists and turns of your own path, and help you travel to your most desired destination.

Tony Moeller, CPA
President & Founder
Integrity Advisory, LLC

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