These and other stories on our site are tiny snapshots based upon real clients.

We put these here because, at Integrity Advisory, your more than just a client — you're a person with unique aspirations and dreams. At Integrity Advisory we treat you like family — and that's more than just empty marketing speak — it's our mantra.

  • Orthopedic Surgeon Expands Clinic Operation (Peak Model)
    Bob is a successful orthopedic surgeon nearing the end of his career. He operates a thriving practice and is currently working to expand his clinic operation.

  • A Successful Business Sale Through a Team Approach
    Sally founded a small software company right out of college and committed nearly every waking moment to it during the lean early years. As a result of her team’s hard work and success, her small company was recently acquired by a much larger competitor.

  • Financial & Friendship Catastrophe Avoidance
    56-year old Rick and his wife Marie have no kids. They both used to work 50+ hours per week and lived modestly—but when Marie’s mom fell ill, Marie quit her job to take care of her.

  • Retirement Without Stress
    Following a long and successful career with a Fortune 500 company, John and his wife, Carol, seek to retire and spend more time traveling together. While John feels comfortable that they have adequately planned for the future, he fears that he may have overlooked something.

  • Career and Financial Advancement
    After 30 years of service with his current firm 56-year old Dave faced an unforeseen career adjustment following the buyout of his company. Immediately, positions were eliminated, salaries cut, morale declined and stress levels rose. Within just a few months after the buyout, Dave was laid off too.

  • Reaching Their Summit While Leaving a Legacy
    Bill and Jody are in their mid-50's with four kids (two in high school, one in college and their oldest employed full time) and ready to slow down, as much as possible with three kids still living under their roof.

  • Retirement Contribution Turnaround
    Joyce, a young doctor just out of medical school, began working at a local hospital. However, she was concerned about her life insurance coverage and was advised to purchase large cash value policies for both her and her husband.

  • New Doctor, No Debt, Investing Early
    Having just finished his dermatology residency Tim accepted an employment offer from a local clinic. He and his wife, Jan, are raising two boys under the age of four and are in the process of building a new home.

  • A Successful Start
    Jeff, an engineer and his wife Debbie, a sales representative are in their early forties, have worked hard and been avid savers over the last 15 years. As a result, they have no debt, max out their yearly 401(k) contributions and have built up up a large cash cushion.

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