New Doctor No Debt

New Doctor, No Debt

Having just finished his dermatology residency Tim accepted an employment offer from a local clinic. He and his wife, Jan, are raising two boys under the age of four and are in the process of building a new home.

Tim received financial assistance from his parents during medical school and graduated with no debt. At the same time, he was able to invest money for retirement while in school. Tim and Jan realize how fortunate they are and want to continue building on the early advantages and success they’ve experienced, while remaining smart and prudent, particularly since Tim is just in the beginning stages of his well-paying career. Tim and Jan want to provide their children with the same opportunities his parents did and recognize that this requires clearly defined objectives and well-planned strategies for money management.

Tim and Jan approached Integrity Advisory seeking advice on risk management, life and disability insurance, as well as estate, retirement and college planning strategies. Integrity Advisory provided advice to help them keep their insurance costs down, while offering several investment avenues set funds aside for and grow their retirement and college funds.

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