Orthopedic Surgeon Expands Clinic Operation

Orthopedic Surgeon Expands Clinic Operation (Peak Model)

Bob is a successful orthopedic surgeon nearing the end of his career. He operates a thriving practice and is currently working to expand his clinic operation.

Success and growth, however, come with risk. Prior to the expansion project, Bob and his wife Kate were debt free and financially secure. Currently though, Bob purchased a new property for the clinic expansion and is in the process of renovating it—a lofty and expensive endeavor for anyone, let alone someone nearing retirement.

Naturally, Bob and Kate have some concerns about the future. While they possess ample investments, they have little time to review the many accounts accumulated over the years. Basically, they’re finding it difficult to track what assets they have, what they’re worth, what they cost to maintain and how they’re performing.

Integrity Advisory brought organization and insight into Bob and Kate’s personal finances, by helping them organize their vital financial information into a Client Personal Records Resource. This valuable tool categorically sorts and lists all relevant financial information, encrypted for security and available to you 24/7. In addition, after analyzing their financial picture, Integrity Advisory helped to reduce various insurance costs, increase retirement deductions and reallocate forgotten and non-productive investments into a strategic plan which better represented their current goals and objectives.


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