A Successful Business Sale

A Successful Business Sale Through a Team Approach

Sally founded a small software company right out of college and committed nearly every waking moment to it during the lean early years.

Fortunately, over time, her hard work and business acumen paid off and her company grew to become 45 associates strong. As a result of her team’s hard work and success, her small company was recently acquired by a much larger competitor.

With this infusion of capital, Sally is ready to embark on the next stage of her life. However, while she is excited about the possibility of future ventures to fuel her passions, she would like to move forward without the financial headaches and stresses she encountered while building her first business. For this reason, she wanted to assemble a team of competent professionals to support her and her business ideas. She desired a dynamic team composed of her CPA, corporate and estate planning attorneys and a financial advisor who—though working independently from one another—could coordinate their individual services and skill to focus on achievement of common goals and objectives.

At Integrity Advisory, we recognize—just like Sally did—that having multiple individuals coordinating their efforts to reach common goals and objectives is the only way to grow and succeed. A multifaceted approach provides a system of checks and balances that can make the often difficult road to success, a bit easier.

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