Investment Philosophy


Our approach is long-term, committed and client-centered. We do not day trade, market time, speculate or push product. Our investment philosophy is an eclectic mix of income, growth, and value orientation for an overall positive total return. Some of the tools we use to implement our philosophy are stocks, bonds, mutual funds (open end, institutional and closed-end) and exchanged traded funds (ETF’s) preferred stocks, and individual bonds. These investments are run through a proprietary screening process to select the best of each category and are monitored throughout the year.

Our goal is to provide optimal returns while minimizing risk. Our investment philosophy is best implemented under a fee-only format so we have complete flexibility in the investments we select for you. Depending on your asset base, risk tolerance, investment experience and time frame, we'll mutually determine which program is best for you.

Investment Strategies

Maybe you have very specific investment needs and require custom portfolios. Perhaps you’ll better benefit from one of our strategic asset allocation model portfolios. Regardless of your needs, we recognize that investing is an organic process and we actively monitor and manage your portfolio, implementing changes as necessary.

Under this program, we match your needs with investment strategies designed to specifically meet your objectives. Additionally, we offer opportunistic rebalancing of your holdings — simply put, we harvest profits and strategically reallocate them to more value-oriented investments. At the same time, we maintain a long-term perspective, continually tracking investment facts and trends so we can educate you on their direct impact on you.

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