Our Difference

We Are Accessible

Our communication style is to be open, direct and accessible. No matter where you live or travel, you can reach us through a variety of ways.

  • Twice a Month Commentary – economic, market and life related issues.
  • Contact us Directly – phone or email
  • Virtual Appointments – online account reviews; planning sessions and conference call discussions
  • Face to Face Appointments – when you want to talk in person
  • Performance Reporting – semi-annual reports that are detailed, yet understandable
  • Online Investment Account Access – check your account status at any time 24/7 through a secured website
  • Online Retirement Plan - track your progress to your retirement goals in real time on a safe and secure website

Our Commitment

Some financial mountain climbs can be rigorous, steep and dangerous because there are many unknowns . . . commissions, hidden fees, speculation, conflicts of interest and who’s looking out for you. Whereas we are your committed guide who through our fee-only approach can remove the stress, conflicts and unknowns and transform a perilous climb into an enjoyable hike that allows you to stop and enjoy the view. Our guiding principle is to advise you with integrity. To hear and understand what you need, understand your specific life goals and objectives, while providing you with award winning service (Five Star Award). As your advocate, we will keep you updated on economic and market conditions, manage your investments accordingly, all the while treating you like family.

Fee-Only Cost Structure

As a fee-only advisory firm, our fee structure is simple, transparent and contains no hidden costs. We do not impose sales charges, nor do we receive commissions as part of our client account management. This provides us with exceptional flexibility in our investment choices and allows us to access investments that are unavailable to individual investors. We receive a very small percentage of the average balance of your assets under our management—we’re literally vested in your success. Simply put, the better your account(s) perform the more assets we have to manage. Thus, our interests — and yours — are one and the same.

Fiduciary Duty

As a registered investment advisor, it is our fiduciary duty to act in your best interest – we are legally bound to put your best interests first. Thus, we are held to a higher standard of care than other financial professionals (i.e. stock brokers, registered representatives and insurance agents). We are accountable to you and take our responsibility seriously. It is our passion to see you succeed.

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