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You are the CEO of your life. You need a Chief Investment Officer that understands your life.

At Integrity Advisory, we understand the challenges you have juggling the finances of your business and the finances of your life. While you may enjoy managing your investments you can’t afford to divert attention from your family, your patients, and running your business. So we are here to help by offering the following services:

Personal Wealth Management 401k office pension plan
estate planning office healthcare plan
life insurance planning business transition assistance


As your financial advocate, we act in a consulting capacity to quarterback all of these reviews for you.  In many of these areas we receive no financial compensation, but we continue to be your advocate because we know they can be difficult and time-consuming for you to navigate.  We will work in coordination with your CPA and attorney to ensure your plans are executed properly and appropriately.

Here are a few of the usual problems we see:

  • High Taxes:  We offer advanced tax planning techniques including cash balance plans and the Back-Door Roth
  • Professional Risk:  When you leave the office you should leave your professional risk behind.  Areas of focus are retirement plans and captive insurance companies.
  • Your portfolio has outgrown traditional investing:  Using a combination of active management, passive investments, and structured products we can not only enhance the performance of your portfolio, but also optimize the risk-adjusted returns.


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